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Repainting Commercial Furniture Can Add Business Value

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]When it comes to repainting commercial furniture, a popular underlying principle holds true: that which is old can be new again. Strong, highly crafted commercial furniture has enduring value. Age and wear may have taken the shine off the surface, but if the sturdy base remains intact, it is worth renewal.

Repainting Commercial Furniture Can Add Value

Repainting Commercial Furniture Can Add Business ValueThere are numerous blog posts that discuss discount and easy ways to DIY strip and paint old furniture. There is little dispute that it can be accomplished by just about anyone with a can of stripper and a paint brush. However, the outcome may look far less appealing than those on the DIY post.

In terms of repainting commercial furniture, it’s imperative to work with a professional. And, just as there will be a quality difference between the handy homeowner and a professional painter, another can exist between professionals and high-level artisans. The difference may lie between simple repurposing and adding value to a weathered item.

Top tier furniture craftsmen often undertake a rehabilitation process that brings the piece back to its very roots. Disassembled and manicured down the original surface, these pieces are restored in a fashion consistent with their original creation. Of course, repainting commercial furniture that is decades old may call for a contemporary or highly styled new look.

Why Upcycling Commercial Furniture Matters

The condition of the piece may determine the direction of the rehabilitation. The greater the wear or damage, the more likely to reinvestment will grow. That being said, wood, veneer, metal and other materials may be upcycled.

In commercial settings such as hotels and restaurants, furniture has been strategically repainted to embrace a specific ambiance. Distressed or white washing techniques can augment its period value while presenting as a clean, quality work. These artful directions provide patrons and colleagues with the idea that the items have been repurposed due to their innate craftsmanship. And, purposefulness can be a key factor when repainting commercial furniture rather than purchasing new.

Updating your furniture to enhance your commercial design often translates into others viewing the space and business as high quality. Upcycled commercial furniture can have a far greater overall impact than merely its utilitarian value. Beyond sitting, dining, or laying out a marketing plan, commercial furniture expresses the nature of the business and business’ ownership. By repainting commercial furniture in a unique and masterful fashion, it can form a first and lasting impression.

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