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Is Your Wood Furniture Worth Refinishing?

We’re going to shoot straight with you, some DIY projects are fun and worth the time and effort. They encourage sustainability, creativity, and provide a therapeutic outlet. However, some DIYs require serious work and really aren’t worth it. How can you differentiate between the furniture projects you’re considering? More importantly, what are some of the downfalls of refinishing wood furniture that you should be aware of before starting your next project.

How Are the Bones?

A coat of paint can be attractive and forgiving. It can hide burns, stains, or worn veneer, but when the paint is stripped, you’re left with a head-scratcher. Once you see the real work ahead you, may decide it’s not worth the time to research the fix, purchase the materials needed, and allow the time required to restore the piece. If you plan to paint over the old paint, you may be able to get away with it. Or, once you see what’s underneath that cover, you may decide to paint right back over it and call it a day.

Does It Need More Glue?

Depending on the age and quality, furniture glue may be all that’s holding your piece together. If you’re not sure how sturdy your furniture is or if it’s in need of some reinforcement, give it a little rocking to see if any seams give way. You can do the same with the drawers and legs to identify any particular places that will need a new coat of glue or a new screw. Taking apart a piece of furniture to reinforce and glue means you’ll need space to take it apart, glue, clamp, and reassemble. This time-consuming and complicated task is often best left to a furniture professional who will perform this task with ease.

What Will It Look Like?

If perfection is the finished look you’re trying to achieve, a furniture restoration expert is the best option. If you’re satisfied with slight imperfections or a less than perfect finish, a DIY can be just fine. This is especially true if the piece is meant for a space where it’s not as visible, like a basement playroom or kid’s room. When restoring a used piece of furniture, it’s highly likely there will be dents and scratches that can show through if the restoration process isn’t done properly.

Is It Worth It to Strip and Repaint?

At the end of the day, only you can decide if it’s worth restoring your wood furniture. If you want a project that will stretch you or one that you can work on with a friend or family member, a DIY is a fun way to accomplish these goals. But if the aforementioned hurdles are more than you want to tackle, a restoration expert can quickly and easily transform your piece to look brand new.

At Wehrli Furniture, we offer professional restoration services as well as furniture painting, upholstery, and custom design to meet every furniture need you may have. View our gallery of recent projects for inspiration or contact us today to begin your project.