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Upholstery Services

Do you have a piece that no longer has its “like new” feel? We will help give that favorite old piece of furniture a new life with our upholstery services. Do you have a favorite couch, chair, or other piece that just is not the same as it used to be? Maybe the upholstery is dirty or ripped, but you don’t want to toss it. Furniture pieces that are extremely high quality, part of a set, or have some other sentimental value are prime candidates to have reupholstered.

Wehrli Furniture in Naperville can help you return that piece to its original quality by having it reupholstered.

wheaton bench
Corporate Concepts
Reupholstered mid-century modern chairs

Our Furniture Upholstery Process

If you have a quality piece of furniture that you are looking to hang on to, having it reupholstered to make it last might be the right way to go. Sometimes a new piece might cost less, but the new piece may not last as long.

Wehrli Furniture can help you ensure that shapes and patterns align, and that cords outlining the seams of cushions or pillows are repaired and in good condition. We can help ensure that your favorite pieces of furniture are returned in “like new” condition, with a new exterior.

If you have an older piece, it can often be worth keeping. Chairs, couches and other pieces built more than 10-15 years ago were often built sturdier than their newer counterparts.

Using the Best Materials

Wehrli Furniture is known for using the very best materials, ensuring that your piece will continue to last into the future. We are trusted in the industry, and handle all of your furniture, so you can be assured at the quality of the product. 

Before Reupolstery

After Reupholstry

Past Upholstery Projects