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Is Refinishing Furniture with Paint the New Trend?

A small blemish in your furniture is a bummer, but it doesn’t mean it’s time to throw it away. If that spot turns into pealing finish, paint, or further damage, refinishing is a great option. Refinishing furniture with paint is a simple way to update and upgrade your furniture without breaking the bank. But what exactly does that mean, is it an easy task, and how can you ensure it looks the way you envision?

What Is Refinishing Furniture with Paint?

All furniture refinishing projects should begin with ample preparation. Preparing your workspace includes gathering all the necessary materials and tools for the project and making sure there is plenty of space to work. Next, the piece should be stripped, sanded, and cleaned thoroughly to remove all leftover residues, dirt, and oils. If the piece is painted before it’s cleaned, the paint won’t stick as well and it may peal quicker. Professional furniture restoration ensures the process is done quickly, efficiently, and properly. Finishing the furniture with a lacquer layer is important as well, as it not only seals the paint but also adds another layer of protection.

Why You Shouldn’t DIY

There are plenty of projects that are simple to undertake and don’t require you to purchase a load of new tools and materials. Refinishing furniture with paint is quite an undertaking for a one-time project. Unless you’re a carpenter or contractor, you may not have oil soap, different grit sandpapers, tack cloths, and other necessary painting supplies. Another large challenge to attempting to DIY is the appearance of the finished product. Without professional refinishing, the final outcome may not be what you pictured.

If the piece is something you truly love and want to keep around for another decade or so, we’d highly recommend hiring a professional to refinish it. But if you just want the challenge and don’t care if there are a few mistakes, then take a crack at it. Another consideration of your project is where you intend to display it. If you plan to keep this piece in a child’s room or playroom, it’s bound to have a few dents and scratches anyway so it may be worth your while to paint yourself. But if it will be on display in one of your main living rooms, the quality work of a craftsman will be worth it.

Choosing a Professional Refinishing Expert

Refinishing furniture with paint is a great way to elevate your existing piece of furniture without purchasing something new. A new color or fresh coat of paint and new hardware can instantly change the entire feel of a room. This trend is a wonderful way to utilize your existing furniture, encourage sustainability, and update within a budget. At Wehrli Furniture, we ensure every project we have the privilege to work on is handled with care and given our full attention. With our expert painting services, you can be proud to display your refinished furniture in your home or office. Our professional services include restoration, painting, upholstery, and custom design. Make sure to check out our recent projects and contact us today to begin your next project!