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Why the Country Club Atmosphere Keeps Winning Memberships

Imagine this family, maybe it’s similar to yours. The father is a passionate golfer, seeking to build relationships to help grow his business while enjoying a sport that allows him the freedom to network while he works on his short game. His beautiful bride of 35 years joined a tennis league to keep in touch with her gal pals, get out of the house, and maintain a few hours of activity each week. Their children, who can never seem to get along at home, somehow become the best of friends as soon as they hop in the pool. The membership dues are worth it just to see their children get along, but they cherish the beautiful, inviting, and comfortable environment where there is peace to relax, reconnect with their individual passions and reunite with friends of the same interests.

Minus a few minor details, this description fits nearly every family that belongs to your country club. They chose your club because you offer something for each member of the family to enjoy while still bringing them together as a family. And the atmosphere is always welcoming, pristine, and it has become a safe haven. We know this environment isn’t a natural state. You work hard to ensure the clubhouse and each room inside exceeds the standards of even the most scrutinous eye.

Outdoor Maintenance

Every country club knows the emphasis that must be placed on keeping the grounds maintained daily. It may be one of the most important factors for many members investing in a club membership, which is why many clubs employ full-time groundskeepers to ensure every aspect of the landscaping and greens are maintained to the best of their abilities. While most outdoor time will be spent on the links or on the various courts, the patio is still vital to the ambiance of the club.

Quality furniture is the only choice for country clubs; no plastic folding chairs here. Patio furniture should always be kept safely indoors during the snowy months to protect it from water damage and dirt. However, even this protective measurement isn’t enough to prevent them from the damage of normal wear and tear. It is very expensive to purchase new patio furniture every couple of years, especially when they only have mild damage or wear. Restoring your patio furniture can make a huge impact on reducing unnecessary replacement costs and allow those funds to be reallocated to other, more desperate areas of the club.

Indoor Maintenance

With dozens of unique spaces in each country club, it can be difficult to maintain the highest quality furniture. We know the value your members place in a pristine environment and we know your expertise lies in providing a well-kept club, not in furniture restoration. Constant wear on the furniture in your lobby, restaurant, bar, conference rooms, event rooms, and every other space in between is an impossible task to keep up with, especially on top of all other aspects of maintaining the club’s gleaming aesthetics.

As with outdoor furniture, throwing away slightly worn pieces and purchasing new ones is not sustainable or financially wise. There will come a time when your furniture needs a little TLC. A professional furniture restoration expert will be able to fulfill the needs of each unique piece of furniture and return it to near its former glory with precise care and execution of the proper process for each material.

Wehrli Furniture Services: Restoration

Restoration is the perfect solution for high-quality country club furniture in need of mild to extensive repair. We take immense care as we examine each piece we restore to ensure all necessary adjustments and repairs are accounted for. Each piece is taken apart, thoroughly cleaned, repaired, and put back together to bring your piece back to glory. We can restore nearly any piece of furniture, doors, trim, cabinets, or other decorative wood or metal pieces you may have. We know downtime in a country club for repairs is a huge burden, so we offer temporary replacement tables while restoring yours to ensure your club can keep running without skipping a beat.


Most fabric furniture will need to be upholstered at least once in its lifetime and furniture in higher trafficked areas will need upholstery several times. Upholstered furniture can easily become stained, torn, or worn out when it’s well-loved. In order to keep it looking pristine, you’ll need to invest in quality upholstery.


The tone of a room is vital to providing a comfortable and inviting environment where your members can build relationships with other like-minded individuals. Chipped, flakey, or out-of-style paint can diminish the ambiance of a room. Wehrli Furniture’s professional painting service brings new life to any furniture, trim, door, or cabinetry.

Custom Design

When restoration, upholstery, or painting aren’t quite right for your furniture needs, we offer one more service to make sure our customers are fully taken care of. Custom design gives unlimited freedom to create the perfect piece of furniture for your space. We invite our customers into every aspect of the design process, like determining the size, material, color schemes, finish shine preference and more.

One of our first priorities when designing a custom piece is to consider the room the piece will reside in. This ensures that it will blend in seamlessly with the existing space, by sharing mutual aspects such as a specific material or color scheme. Another specialty of ours is adding unique features to custom design pieces like a hidden drawer or a pull-out shelf. We want our pieces to meet every need and desire you may have. Every piece is built with the highest quality material and expert craftsmanship to withstand years of use and withstand heavy traffic.

Wehrli Furniture is the answer to all your furniture restoration and design needs. We ensure the utmost care of each piece we have the honor to work on because we believe our services help others display their most welcoming atmosphere and highest quality care. For all your professional furniture needs, get in touch today!