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Refinishing vs. Buying a New Table: Which Is the Better Option for You?

Tables are often the unsung hero of your home. They provide a place to gather your family and friends, enjoy a meal, create conversation, and foster a creative space for playdough creations. Without them, where would these things take place? Kitchen tables, dining room tables, side tables, and coffee tables all play a key role as they serve different purposes in the home. When one of these pieces of furniture is damaged, it can throw a wrench in the natural rhythm of your life. It can be tempting to run out to the nearest furniture store and buy whatever tickles your fancy, but is that the best choice for your home?

Best Way to Make a Decision

We make decisions constantly, even if they are subconscious ones. They probably aren’t always the best decision but ideally, we learn from those mistakes and our minds take note to make a better decision next time. This constant cycle isn’t taught, it’s intuitive. However, we do need to be taught how to make more informed and better decisions. In fact, some colleges even offer an entire course on this subject.

There are several methods and models when teaching decision making but they all follow a basic path. Begin by identifying the decision that needs to be made. In this case, the decision would be if you should have your table refinished or buy a new one. Then you should gather all pertinent information that may need to be assessed during the decision-making process. This information may include consideration about the budget, the timeline for the new table being delivered, the size, and the desired color. Once this is complete, you can identify alternative choices available such as which table you’d like to buy from which store or which refinishing professional to hire.

It’s helpful to play out each scenario to see the long-term benefits and challenges of each alternative before making the final decision. When all parties involved have agreed upon the outcome, take action. It’s wise to evaluate your decision after you’ve made it for the betterment of future decision-making needs.

What Does Table Refinishing Entail?

As you evaluate the alternatives, you should have a clear picture of what table refinishing can do for you. At Wehrli Furniture, we don’t cut corners in any of our projects because we believe quality craftsmanship is key. When we begin a table refinishing project, we make sure we have the full picture of what each customer desires and needs from the piece. This information includes where the piece will call home and what function it will serve. We don’t want to assume we know what you want, so we involve you as much as you’d like.

Once we have a clear idea of the desired outcome, we thoroughly strip and clean the table to prepare it for refinishing. We can repair small blemishes, reinforce when needed, and add new hardware if desired to help prolong the life of your table. After the piece is painted, we add a final lacquer coating to help protect it. We offer several different finish styles such as high gloss and matte.

Is My Table a Good Candidate?

Refinishing isn’t for every table. It’s not for mass-produced, low-quality tables—those are meant for the fire pit. If your table is made of quality material, is a family heirloom, or has sentimental value, it’s an excellent candidate for refinishing. We can even take a piece of your existing table and create something more unique for you. Our services break the mold so your every need and desire can be met, unlike when you shop from regular retail stores. If you’re interested but unsure of the quality of your table, we are happy to take a look and give our professional opinion.

Why Shouldn’t I Buy a New Table?

There is much more behind buying a new table than you may realize. First, you have to get rid of your old table by selling it or disposing of it. Neither option is fun, and one isn’t a sustainable choice. We want to decrease the accumulation of landfills, which is why we love helping people keep their furniture for as long as possible through refinishing and repairing. If you have disposed of your old table, you will need to find the right table that meets your size, color, and shape preferences. And you likely will have to buy new chairs to match. However, if you struggle to find the right table for your space or to match your existing layout, refinishing may be your ideal solution.

When Should I Buy a New Table?

There are times when purchasing a new table is the right choice. If your table is shattered, it is definitely time to buy a new one. If it has sustained severe water damage, it’s time for a new one. When you’ve purchased a new home and need a different sized or shaped table, buying a new one or having a custom design table created is the right choice. Ultimately, this decision is yours to make. You’re in charge, and we just want to help guide you in your decision-making process, even if in the end you choose another outcome.

Refinishing Your Table with Wehrli Furniture

At Wehrli Furniture, we specialize in high-quality furniture. We are selective in our material and product choices, so we can offer you the best solution for your furniture needs. Our craftsmen not only do what they love, but they do it because they love to solve problems and create something beautiful that lasts. A table may seem like a small impact, but it truly adds value to your home, relationships, and family. We love to be a part of that impact.

Our professional furniture services include restoration, upholstery, painting, and custom design to ensure your every need and desire is met. Contact us today to begin your table refinishing project and be sure to view our recent work for inspiration.