What does your furniture say about you and your space? From a small side table near an entryway to the most elaborate of family rooms, the furniture we use to decorate our living and workspaces speaks to a style that is unique. At Wehrli Furniture Co., we restore, refinish, paint, and upholster your well-loved pieces, updating them to fit your current style. Whether your piece will reside in a commercial space or a residential home, every project is approached with enthusiasm as we strive to create the perfect balance between form and function that is special to you.

My husband and I would highly recommend Wehrli Furniture! We had an old table in our basement that was warped with cracks and wobbles. Wehrli Furniture stabilized and repaired our old table beautifully. They made an additional leg and two extra leaves. We love the result – a solid table which now seats 10 easily. As my husband said, “Their work greatly exceeds our expectations”Thank you! Thank you!
Sally Griffen