What does your furniture say about you and your space? From a small side table near an entryway to the most elaborate of family rooms, the furniture we use to decorate our living and workspaces speaks to a style that is unique. At Wehrli Furniture Co., we create furniture that fits your style. We believe that great design is an exercise in creative problem solving. And whether the problem is commercial or residential every project is approached with enthusiasm as we strive to create the perfect balance between form and function that is special to each client.

We recently used Wehrli Furniture to repair and re-stain lobby furniture. The staff was great to work with and made sure our furniture was returned in a timely manner so our residents and their families could continue to enjoy visiting in the lobby. I would highly recommend Wehrli Furniture. They perform great work and are extremely affordable!
Sister Anthony VeilleuxSt. Patrick's Residence