Recently I did some remodeling at my house. Of course with remodeling comes new furniture. Of course with remodeling and new furniture comes the issue of going over budget. Since I saw the inevitable coming I decided to look at my furniture options again. I decided that instead of replacing all my furniture, I would refinish some of the pieces I still loved. I called 3 companies and chose Wehrli. I LOVE MY REFINISHED furniture.First, I asked them not to just refinish my shelving units, I asked them to MATCH it to my new furniture. It is spot on! It was a multiple step process and I would swear that I got a new piece of furniture from the manufacturer.Paul and Dan are artisans and they take great care over the pieces they are entrusted to revive. True professionals, they not only refinished my pieces, they set them up on delivery, leveled them, plugged in the built in lighting, wiped them down, and made sure they were ready to go. I received touch up paint and instructions on how to apply it since it was a special process.I highly, highly recommend them to paint any furniture. They love a challenge. Don’t be afraid to call them with any project you have. 
Lois Falkner and Steve Schalk

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