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Cantara Financial

Cantera had a great deal of furniture custom built for their old office that they loved. They desired to refinish the numerous desks, credenzas, tables and file cabinets to match the new furniture we’d be building them. All the existing furniture would need to be hand stripped with gel stripper. Normally, we’d wash furniture in our strip tank. Usually, this saves us countless hours of stripping time. However, the desks, credenzas, etc. were made of medium density fiberboard cores (MDF).

When MDF gets wet it blows up like a sponge. Therefore, all veneer that covered the MDF was painted with a gel stripper and hand scraped. It was a bit laborious but there wasn’t any option of getting these pieces wet. From there, they were carefully sanded, stained and sprayed with lacquer to match the color and sheen of the custom-built furniture we were building.

While we were refinishing, we also had to provide the client CAD drawings for their new pieces. When building furniture, you also have to take account the space its going in and adjust the sizes so you don’t have furniture that’s too big or too small for a room. After going through a few revisions, the furniture building process began. Upon construction, the styles and finishes of the new furniture mirrored the existing furniture.

We worked on a total of 11 existing desks and custom built 4 more desks to match their current pieces.