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Veneer Conference Table

This 16-foot conference table was originally built using fiberboard with a veneer over the top. 

Conference Table Restoration Process

Our team utilized a gentle gel stripper, applied by hand, so the fiberboard beneath the veneer would not expand due to excess moisture. 

Veneer is simply a thin layer of wood and is lighter material than a typical solid-wood surface. Our team refinished this table and sanded it very carefully so as not to ruin the surface. There is a lot of labor involved in sanding and staining veneer. 

The finished product was sprayed with an Italian polyurethane to stand up to the high-traffic area it would live in. Our team then reinstalled the table after taking it apart. 

This process requires a skilled craftsman, however, oftentimes it costs less to refinish an existing veneer or wooden table than purchasing a brand new piece. 

Before The Restoration

A Completed Restoration Job