Custom Furniture Design

Our custom furniture design process begins with you. The Wehrli Furniture experts will sit down with you to establish exactly what type of furniture you would like to design. We will establish what it will look like, what type of functions it will perform, and how it will blend into the look of the room.

From that information, we can turn your furniture dreams into a reality. We will help select the right woods to establish the look and durability that you are trying to achieve. Next, we can select the right stain or paint to fit into your décor.

Each piece is hand crafted with expert care, creating a family heirloom that will last for generations.

Building the Right Piece For Your Home

Many retailers are selling furniture pieces built with engineered wood as an affordable alternative to solid wood. These pieces are frequently not as durable as a solid wood piece of furniture, and are often sprayed with formaldehyde and other chemical additives.

Solid wood furniture is harder to find than it once was. Sometimes you know exactly what you are looking for, and simply cannot find it. In those circumstances you may find yourself wishing someone could build you something. Well, they can.

From small occasional tables to large room-filling pieces, Wehrli Furniture can build whatever piece you have in mind. Do you have a household item that you would like incorporated into a piece of furniture? We can help you think of creative ideas to reuse anything.

Custom Belt Chair

Can’t find that perfect piece? Build it!

Have you been on the lookout for a piece of furniture that you simply haven’t been able to find anywhere else? It may be time to have that piece built and turn your concept into a reality. We can help you build that perfect piece of furniture for your home to fit in with your tastes and décor.

Custom Table

Finished Product

Past Custom Design Projects

  • Wehrli Chair 4
  • Wehrli Synergy 6
  • cushman wall 2
  • custom benches and wall panels
  • Custom Banquette and Kitchen Island
  • Finished Maple Table

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