In June 2014 my daughter inherited her great Aunt’s (my aunts) Duncan Phyfe Dining Room Set that had been in the family since the 1920’s. The set was not only in structural disrepair but had such deep scratches and gouges that we did not know whether to refinish it or donate it to charity. After much thought we decided to keep because it was a family heirloom which brought back many memories. Once the above decision was made we started the process to find a furniture refinisher.After much research it was decided to go with Wehrli Furniture as we were certain that they truly understood our love for the furniture and our desire to bring it back to its past grandeur. We asked Wehrli to take their time as we wanted the best job possible.During the refinishing process Wehrli ensured that my daughter reviewed the work at select intervals before proceeding, especially when it came to the selection of the stain and the finish of the handles and decorative trimmings.When the job was completed we were amazed at how beautiful the set looked especially the original hardware. My brother-in-law, who is a woodworker, could not believe the transition.Based on the above experience we had Wehrli refinish three other pieces of my family’s furniture with equally great results.I whole heartedly recommend Wehrli when it comes to the restoration and refinishing process. 
Michael J. BrownPalatine, Illinois

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