Piano Bar Project

We had a customer who loved music and had an old piano just sitting around. She wanted us to transform the piano into a bar for her home.

After many hours spent taking the musical mechanisms out of the piano, we began the process of turning it into a bar. One of the hardest parts of the job was figuring out how the door would work properly. It needed to be engineered to support its considerable weight without holding it and stand up to being open and closed repeatedly. These are the types of issues where a great deal of time is spent tinkering.

After we figured out a way to make the door work properly, the construction on the inside began. Wine glass holders and three drawers were constructed with some custom features. The ivory from the piano keys was applied to the faces of the drawers and the black keys served as handles. This feature made the drawers the focal point of the bar. Additional storage also exists where the keys and foot pedals formerly were.

Once the bar was put together, the whole inside needed to be finished to match the exterior of the piano. Upon completion, the job was a huge success and our customer was thrilled.

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