Commercial Upholstery

Commercial Upholstery – Mid Century Modern Chairs

Have you been looking for a quality upholsterer for a business project? Upholstery is becoming a lost art in America. It’s getting hard to find people who can do great work and also handle tight deadlines that businesses need. If you own a business, there is a high probability that your existing chairs can be brought back to life by re-upholstering. Whether it’s the chairs in your waiting room or all the dining room chairs at a country club, re-upholstery is a great option. Reason being, if your business has good furniture, often re-upholstering can be significantly cheaper than buying new and you get a custom look. 

Trumeau Chairs

Customer requested to have two chairs reupholstered in two different fabrics that were complimentary to each other. The chairs were stripped of their old fabric and nails were taken out. We then reupholstered the backs/seats and reinstalled new nails to finish off the project. We chose a fabric that was grayish in tone and had an…

Mickelson Chairs

The customer wanted these chairs reupholstered in a new modern fabric as well as have the legs cleaned up. Our team stripped the chair down to the frame and sanded the legs to make them look new again. We then clear coated the legs and reupholstered the chair in the new fabric.