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Reviving Water-Damaged Furniture

Water damage comes from several common scenarios, flooding, leaky windows, or spills left unattended. The extent of water damaged furniture can vary depending on the level of moisture, the length of time it had been exposed, and the quality of the furniture. Extensive water damage to low-quality furniture is often not worth the time and attention to restore but high-quality and sentimental furniture is always worth the effort to revive.

Do Not

One rule of thumb for furniture restoration is to know when to stop. There are plenty of DIY remedies and “tips” for reviving water-damaged furniture online. But what these sites don’t tell you is that some furniture isn’t worth saving or isn’t worth slathering in mayonnaise. And yes, that is a real solution you’ll find online. Companies know how often water damage can occur and they know how to advertise to those in need of restoration, and some of those may just waste your time and waste your money.

Be careful to not expose your water-damaged furniture to direct sunlight outdoors. It may cause the wood to warp and buckle which would make reviving much more difficult and time-consuming. Sanding down the surface or scratching the surface off will not only increase the damage but will make restoration a more intensive project.

It’s important to treat moldy water-damaged furniture with extreme caution and wear protective gear if you have to handle it. Mold spores that become airborne can be breathed which can cause respiratory issues or for those with a mold allergy the reaction can be more severe.


What you can do is promote airflow through the space your water-damaged furniture is in. Depending on the level of moisture, airflow can significantly aid the natural expulsion of the water. So bring your damaged furniture into a larger room and add a few extra fans to help dry the furniture out. Baking soda is known to help absorb moisture so liberally sprinkling it on the furniture can help aid in removing excess water.

The smartest thing you can do is trust the experts at Wehrli Furniture. Water-damaged furniture reviving and restoration should be something you take seriously which means you should want the process done right. We take extreme care when restoring quality, antique, or sentimental furniture because we know the value you place on it is not only fiscal value but emotional value as well.

Professional furniture services from Wehrli Furniture is your answer to reviving water-damaged furniture. Our craftsmen take their knowledge and skill and use them to provide custom furniture solutions for your unique needs and desires. Professional furniture services from Wehrli Furniture include restoration, upholstery, painting, and custom design. To begin your water-restoration project today, give us a call or visit our website to learn more about our services and to be inspired by some of our recent work.