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When Life Gives You Lemons: Furniture Edition

From spacing issues to storage shortages, homeowners face a myriad of problems and difficulties from the moment they purchase or build a new home. A home is a blessing to have, but when life gives you lemons, Wehrli Furniture can help you make the best lemonade out there. Our services provide customers with a one-stop-shop for all repair, updating, and custom design needs.

Furniture Repair

Life is meant to be lived well and furniture is meant to be used, but this can lead to serious damage and wear and tear over the years. Even slight knicks can become broken chair legs or sharp and dangerous edges. Our repair experts work hard to ensure your piece comes back to you in like-new condition, ready to be loved for years to come.


Whether you want to reupholster a piece you’ve owned for years or one you picked up recently, we can help! Upholstery is the perfect solution to high-quality pieces that need a bit of TLC. Stains, rips, or discoloration can be fabric furniture’s worst nightmare, but we are the solution to all of these unavoidable issues. Our upholstery service helps prolong the life of the pieces you love and can be tailored to your specific style and taste throughout the years.


A quality coat of paint can transform the look and feel of nearly any piece of furniture in any room. Our painting service isn’t a cheap DIY quality. We use the best paint products and are able to match it to any color from an existing piece of furniture or a paint fan. Our process includes hand sanding, cleaning, and prep before we paint to ensure the longest lasting and highest durability for each piece. Before you decide to buy new furniture that isn’t quite right, let Wehrli Furniture create the exact color you’re looking for and update the one you already love.

No matter the dilemma, Wehrli Furniture is your furniture fix! We provide custom solutions to unique problems while protecting the original integrity of your piece. Quality craftsmanship and superior customer service are two of our main goals which is why we have excellent customer reviews and ratings from all our past projects!  If you are looking for a solution to one or multiple furniture common issues homeowners face, give us a call or fill out our work request form.