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Expert Table Refinishing

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]If you’d like to bring an antique table back to life or just want a fresh new look for a well-loved piece of furniture, you may be mulling over your refinishing and restoration options. Often, a piece of well-made furniture can gain decades of new life with a simple refinishing to remove surface stains, scratches, nicks, and watermarks.

However, not all tables are great candidates for the refinishing process, and trying to refinish a fragile or damaged table could leave you with a mess on your hands. It’s important to choose your refinishing candidates carefully. Read on to learn more about expert table refinishing, as well as how Wehrli Furniture can help you get started.

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Refresh Your Table

Refinishing a table involves several main components: the removal of any current stain, varnish, or other “finish”; the removal of surface stains like watermarks, ink spots, or oil stains; and the filling in of surface gouges, scratches, and other outward indicators of damage. If your table is structurally solid but looks a bit beaten-up, refinishing may be able to restore it to like-new condition.

But because refinishing a table often involves some disassembly (to allow access to and removal of all varnish or finish), choosing a fragile table or one that’s constructed in a substandard manner could lead to damage or even breakage if you’re not careful. In other cases, you may sand down the surface of your table only to find that what you thought was solid hardwood was instead a wood veneer covering particleboard, plywood, or another composite wood product.

This means you’ll need to give some careful thought to (and perform an inspection of) any table you’re planning to refinish to ensure this process is a good use of your time and money. A company or technician who specializes in expert table refinishing can give you an honest assessment of the difficulty of this process and the likely appearance of the final product.

The Table Refinishing Process

The first step of refinishing a table is to break it down into its component parts. This allows the woodworker to get a good three-dimensional look at each part of the table to determine what repairs will need to be made.

Next, the woodworker will strip any existing finish, either through the use of chemicals or by sanding it down with a power sander. This will provide your table with a smooth, sleek surface perfect for staining.

After this, the woodworker will carefully inspect the table for blemishes and imperfections. Surface nicks and scratches can usually be filled in with a polymer that dries to mimic the texture and appearance of wood, while larger gouges may need to be sanded down to be effectively camouflaged.

While you may assume anyone with a sander, some sealant, and a free weekend day can refinish a table on their own, when it comes to refinishing high-quality furniture, it’s important to entrust your heirlooms to the experts at Wehrli Furniture. Our technicians treat each piece like their own, essentially re-handcrafting your table to provide it with the look and feel of a brand-new piece. If you’d like to get started, contact Wehrli Furniture or visit our website today.

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