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Furniture Refinishing – The Giant Conference Table!!

It’s a fairly safe assumption that a conference table is a businesses most important piece of furniture. Existing and potential customers sit at this table to talk about the products and services a business offers. No matter how great of a business you have, the state of your conference table is forming a first impression in your customer’s minds. What impression does the current state of your conference table say about your business? 


Recently we received a phone call from Fusion Systems in Burr Ridge. They had three conference tables that needed to be refinished. Because of weight concerns, most conference tables are veneered. Veneer is thin layer of wood over another product, usually MDF or plywood. Very high-end tables are made from veneer and it’s not a bad thing. Unlike most conference tables we’ve encountered, these were solid oak butcher block. As you can imagine, anything made out of solid wood is heavy. However, nothing could have prepared us for a table that was 12 feet long by 5 feet wide. Logistically this created a huge problem because it weighed over 700 pounds. We managed to get the table out of the business with the help of 6 very large men. Once we got to the shop we devised a plan to slide it out onto dollies and we were in business. Next, the three tables were stripped to bare wood, and thoroughly sanded. Our customer wanted a greyish stain that matched his office décor. Lastly, the tables were sprayed with satin lacquer to give them their sheen and protection.








Upon completion, our customer was ecstatic. The tables turned out beautifully and we got them back to him in one piece, despite their great size.



If you have a conference table you need refinished or built give us a call or click on the work request below. We’d appreciate the opportunity to earn your business.


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