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Furniture Refinishing – Two Brothers Table Makeover!!

Having a great restaurant and/or bar is difficult to accomplish. The industry is extremely competitive and always changing. Obviously, the quality of the food, drinks, service and location are all huge factors in achieving long-term success. However, the décor and layout of a restaurant also play a large role in people coming back. Within this, the furniture is a huge aspect and expense for any restaurant or bar. Tables and chairs that are not will kept are a direct reflection on the establishment, regardless of how great their food or drinks are. 

Recently, we received a call from Two Brothers Brewery. They’ve had outstanding success in Aurora and Winfield and recently just completed a massive remodel at a new location in Naperville, on Jefferson. They inquired if we might be able to refinish and modify a number of Oak butcher-block tables that had been sitting in storage. Obviously, we jumped at the opportunity to be associated with this great business.




Our process began by stripping off the old black paint from the sixteen tables. From there, we ran all the tables through our belt sander to achieve a smooth finish. Four of the tables were 72’’ x 30’’ and they needed to be turned into twelve 24’’ x 30’’ tables. We cut the tables and then had to router the edges to make them all uniform.


Two Brothers wanted a worn look on the tops, so we ran a wire brush over the tops, which created grooves on the top of the table or distressing. Next the tables were all stained a rich dark Walnut. Lastly, because the restaurant tables get beaten up, we sprayed all the tables with a stronger polyurethane finish than what we normally would spray. This finish is stronger but it’s harder to work with than our normal lacquer.






We delivered the tables about a day before the restaurant was set to open and the owners and managers were thrilled. They got a much higher quality table than what they could have bought new for the same price.

If your in the hospitality industry and have a large refinishing, upholstery, painting or custom build job, give us call or click on the work order request link below. We look forward to having the opportunity to earn your business.


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