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Furniture Refinishing – One-Stop Shop!!

Whether you’re a consumer, interior designer, furniture dealer or builder, dealing with one person on a project is always easier. Multiple points of contact usually means time spent relaying messages that get lost in translation, instead of time spent on hobbies, selling or taking care of customers. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could have one point of contact for all your commercial/residential furniture refinishing, painting, upholstery and custom design needs? 

At Wehrli Furniture of Naperville, we pride ourselves on being a one-stop shop for all your furniture projects. If you’re a consumer with a dining room set, we can complete the whole process of refinishing, upholstering and repairing it. As an added convenience, we’ve added in-home fabric consultations.




Commercial needs differ from those of residential. Time spent trying to coordinate with different trades means production and new business lost. We offer the ability to do large projects that entail any combination of refinishing, upholstery, touchup, painting or custom design. Maybe you’re a restaurant or financial firm that likes the style of its current furniture but would like to change its color and add more furniture due to expansion? Our team will begin by refinishing all your existing furniture in the color and sheen you desire. Next, we will provide drawings of what your new furniture will look like. After adjustments, the furniture will be built and finished to match the existing furniture. This will save our customers thousands of dollars by not having to throw away their original furniture, while still adding new pieces for expansion.




We love helping people and businesses by saving them time and money. Let us be your one-stop shop so you can concentrate on more important things. Please give us a call or click on the work order request link below. We look forward at the opportunity to earn your business.


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