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Furniture Upholstery – Dining Room Chair Upholstery!!

Small businesses that offer furniture upholstery are becoming harder to find. Lots of people claim to be upholsterers but can’t deliver a quality product. Get a bad one and your liable to have fabric patterns that don’t line up. I once heard the quote, “Have you ever been surprised by the price of hiring a professional? Try hiring an amateur first and the price will feel cheap.” Really great upholstery is an art. 

At Wehrli Furniture in Naperville, we deliver upholstery services of the highest quality. No matter the condition, we have the skill to transform any piece of furniture.

Recently, we received a call from a client in Hinsdale. She had 8 dining room chairs that she needed to have reupholstered. They were in great shape but she was changing the décor of her interior and wanted chairs that meshed with the new design.

Haines Picture

Haines Picture 1


The first step of the upholstery process is working with the customer on fabric. We offer in-home fabric consultations, so choosing fabric has never been more convenient. Once the fabric is chosen, we give an estimate of the yardage needed. Our client desired to keep the nail heads, so we assisted in finding a style that worked for her.

Once all the materials are chosen, the actual upholstery begins. Old nails and fabric are stripped from the chair. Grey/silver fabric was added to the majority of the chair with a black fabric covering the recess in the back. Nails were added along the seams of the chair instead of using welting.




Once finished, the chairs looked great. They matched the client’s new décor and she was very happy with the results.




If you’re considering buying new furniture because you’ve remodeled your home, give us a call or click on the work order request below before you buy. We can change your existing furniture to match any style with new upholstery or any of our other services. We look forward at having the opportunity to earn your business.

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