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Custom Furniture – MCM Chair Made From Belts!!

There are hundreds of furniture stores and their selections are vast. The problem with buying furniture at a store is it’s not unique. Sometimes we desire to have a custom-made piece that’s one-of-a-kind. 

Recently we participated in a local Naperville charity event called the Chair Affair. Local businesses/people signed up to create a chair that would be displayed at a local business for a month. After that, they’d be auctioned off for charity.

Previously, we made a chair out of a suitcase, so how do you top that? We brainstormed with out much success but after awhile the idea came to us. How about a Mid-Century Modern chair that has a seat and back made entirely out of belts?



Being able to imagine a chair made out belts is one thing, turning it into a chair made out belts is a totally different exercise. First, the frame was constructed by hand out of Ash. Next, we came to the realization that it was going to take a lot of belts to cover the seat and back. In fact, it took over 60 belts. If your looking around second-hand stores these days for a belt, I wouldn’t bother. Pretty sure we cleaned out all inventory in the area!! All the buckles had to be removed and each belt was hand-woven through the frame and fastened.



Upon completion, the chair looked amazing. The design was sleek and minimal, just like a Mid-Century Modern chair should be. The belts were all different colors/sizes, so it created a beautiful contrast on the seat and frame.





When the auction finally came, we were nervous what the chair would sell for. We were ecstatic when it sold for over $3k. That provided a great deal of money for a very worthwhile charity.

If your looking for a custom made piece of furniture, give us a call or fill out the work order request below. There isn’t a piece of furniture we can’t make, including all types of office and laminates. We look forward to having the opportunity to earn your business.


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