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Furniture Refinishing – Grey Is The New Black!!

At Wehrli Furniture, we have the expertise to transform your furniture to fit any new style or trend. If a traditional stain doesn’t work with the current décor of your home, you don’t need to go out and buy a new piece of furniture. Obviously, we can always stain your piece of furniture and make it look great again. However, we can also paint or glaze it. Either of those options can take even the most dated pieces and make them modern and fresh again. 

Recently, we received calls from two customers inquiring about glazing their tables grey. Grey is a very popular color these days. We joke at the shop that it’s the new black!! The owner of the kitchen table just wanted a new look. The other table was formerly a door that was found at antique sale. Years ago, the door had a base added and it became a unique table.

Betty HO Beth Karnes


We always begin the process by stripping both tables to bare wood and sanding thoroughly. One saying we have in the shop is “if you think your done sanding, sand some more.” It’s crucial to providing the best product and also the most time-consuming part of the process. The table that was formerly a door, was coming apart from a prior fix that didn’t allow the wood to expand and contract. To remedy this problem, it completely disassembled, repaired and glued back together.


When you’re glazing a table, you always want to have the customer come in and look at samples. One grey glaze might have some black, while the other might have some brown and white. It’s totally up to the customer’s taste. After understanding exactly what both customers desired, the tables are stained grey and then sprayed with sealer. Next, different colors are added to give the tables a multi-color look. Finally, multiple coats of lacquer are sprayed for protection and sheen.




Upon completion, both customers were ecstatic. So happy that one of our customers was nice enough to provide the following testimonial that we added to our website. “I love what you guys did for my table, can’t stop looking at it! I’ve already sent pictures to my friends! Thank you again so much! Happy Summer to you and your wonderful crew!”



If you want to add a custom feel to a table or any piece of furniture, we can provide and style your seeking. Please give us a call for your next project or click the work order request below. We look forward at the opportunity to earn your business.


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