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Furniture Refinishing – Painted Secretary Hutch

A piece of furniture can be any style you imagine. It can be transformed to match a traditional or modern look. Painting furniture is an excellent way to keep a quality piece of furniture, while changing it to look brand new.

Recently, we received an email from a customer looking to change the style of her secretary hutch. The piece of furniture was in phenomenal shape and really needed no work. However, it didn’t fit the style of the new home she was building. 

At Wehrli Furniture, we are experts at transforming a piece of furniture into exactly what the customer envisions or helping them find their vision. In this case, the customer already had her vision. She wanted the outside of the secretary to be painted black and the inside painted a robin egg blue.


Kostic Before and After 1

Kostic Before and After 2

The process begins with disassembling the cabinet completely. That means taking off all the hardware, glass, shelves, cubbyholes and window stops. This can be a time-consuming step and often one that is overlooked when trying to gauge how much time it takes to properly paint furniture. Next, every inch of the piece is sanded to create grooves that the will allow the sealer and paint to adhere properly. From there, two coats of sealer are applied while sanding the piece entirely between coats. Because the customer wanted two colors, the piece needed to be taped off so the black was applied properly and didn’t blend in with the blue, and vice versa. The black was sprayed on the outside of the cabinet while the blue would highlight the inside. Each time the piece is sprayed, it’s sanded between coats. Lastly, the piece needs to be reassembled. All the hardware, glass, shelves, cubbyholes and window steps need to be put back on.

Upon completion, the customer hit a home run with her paint choices. They truly complemented each other perfectly. She was thrilled when we delivered the piece because it was going to be a great fit in her new home.




When a piece of furniture is painted, its as if you’ve bought a brand new piece. Old furniture was made to last, so you’ve also invested in a piece for less than you’d find the same quality in a store. Plus, you’ve gotten a custom look to fit your taste.

If you have any furniture in need of painting, give us a call or click on the work request form below. We look forward to have the opportunity to earn your business.


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