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Furniture Refinishing – Don’t Buy A New Table, Glaze The One You Own!!

It can be overwhelming to buy new furniture that fits in with the pieces you already own and enjoy. At Wehrli Furniture, we specialize in transforming the dated furniture you’ve already purchased, to match your current tastes. As long as you have a vision, we can turn it into a reality. 

Recently, we had a customer contact us who really liked her chairs. They were multiple shades of grey, brown and tan and she wanted her Oak tabletop to match. The table was very nice but the brown stain didn’t go with her current chairs. We felt we could meet her request, so we began the process.

Glazed Table Original

Because the tabletop was solid Oak, the original finish was sanded off instead of stripped. If the tabletop were veneer, we’d have to hand-strip first. With veneer, you can only sand so much until you sand right through it, so you have to be careful. Next, we applied a light brown stain, which served as the base color for the tabletop. After staining, we sprayed the first coats of sealer and satin lacquer, with sanding between coats.


Because the chairs were multiple colors, simply staining the table brown wasn’t going to be enough. The table was going to have to be glazed. With the chair as a guide, the finisher is tasked with brushing multiple glaze colors on the tabletop to match the tones of the chair. After finishing, the tabletop is sprayed with two more coats of satin lacquer, with sanding between coats. Upon completion, our customer was ecstatic with how the table and chairs complemented each other.


If you have some furniture you’d like reincarnated, give us a call or click on the work order request below. We look forward to having the opportunity to earn your business.


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