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Have You Ever Stripped Furniture??

Stripping is arguably the most crucial step of the refinishing process. It sets the proper foundation for sanding, staining and applying lacquer. Stripping is also the worst part of refinishing. The stripper will have deal with fumes, grime, possible skin irritation and strenuous labor. The vast majority of people/businesses don’t have the facilities or supplies to properly strip a piece. Also, over-the-counter products often don’t work on today’s tough finishes. Have you ever wished somebody would offer this service at a reasonable price and get the job done right? 

At Wehrli Furniture in Naperville, we have the solution for you. We have the experience, facilities and supplies to make even the toughest stripping job, easier. The process begins by placing the piece in a flow-over system that continuously applies stripper. This allows the solvent-based stripper to do the bulk of the work, instead of you. Once the first layer of varnish or paint has begun to peal, we manually scrub it away and apply more stripper to the next layer. Upon completion, the door or table is power washed to remove any of the old finish that may still remain, and left to dry.Stripped Door

For the DIYer, we are happy to return the piece stripped, so that you can sand, paint or stain yourself.

For an affordable price, you can spend your day with your kids or on the golf course, instead of stripping furniture. We are also happy to carry the piece through the rest of the painting and staining process to finish the job off.

Stripping no longer has to be your problem, let it be our problem. Contact Wehrli Furniture today, and we’d love to talk about your next stripping, refinishing or painting project. We also offer discounts to contractors, woodworkers or anyone else who might have bulk stripping needs.

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