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Custom-Built Table and Reincarnation of Table Base and Chairs

Have you ever seen a piece of furniture and thought it was junk? Maybe you felt this way even though you had a sneaking suspicion that it could fit your home if somebody could transform it? 

If you can relate, we recently had a customer drop-off eight chairs and a table base that were far from beautiful. The chairs were broken and missing pieces and the base didn’t have a table. Her desire was to incorporate the existing pieces with a custom-built farm table. The eight chairs needed to be completely taken apart and re-glued piece-by-piece to make them structurally sound again.  In addition, new chair parts needed to be built to replace ones that were either missing or broken.IMG_0470

We advised the customer to use Bird’s Eye Maple for the custom-built table. Not only is the wood beautiful but it ties in nicely to the look of a farm-house table. When the wood arrived, it needed to be planed numerous times to ensure it was perfectly flat. Next, each board was cut to size and meticulously glued together to form the table. Once the table was glued together, its clamped for a few days to let the glue dry. After the glue is dry, any excess glue needs to be scrapped off with a razor blade before sanding. The table gets sanded with a rougher grit of sandpaper and then progresses to a finer grit to remove any imperfections and assure the customer has a smooth table.

Now the moment of truth, which color stain and paint will go on the table, base and chairs? It’s important for the customer to stop-in the shop to make this decision. Reason being, every wood takes stain differently and only certain stains work best on certain woods. Therefore, its imperative to choose the correct stain for each particular wood, in this case, Bird’s Eye Maple. Our customer wanted a darker stain but still wanted to showcase the grain of the wood. We mixed two stains together to achieve this goal and came up with a stain that the was a mix of Cinnamon and Coffee colors.DSC_1240

The chairs and table-base were painted a Navajo White by Benjamin Moore. Then we back-sanded the chairs slightly, to show the old stain coming through. This technique gives the chairs a nice worn look.







Our customer was thrilled with the final product and now has a table and chairs that her whole family can enjoy. If your looking for a custom-made piece of furniture, give us a call.


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