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From Trash To Treasure

I’ve been hitting estate sales lately and I came by a chair that resembled something that could have stylish in the 70’s. The cushions were a mixture of green, orange and brown. I considered just putting this poor chair out of its misery but I saw potential. The lines and structure of this chair were timeless and classy.¬†

After listening to the chair beg me to deliver it from the 70’s, I broke down and purchased it. My vision for the chair was something timeless, much like a tuxedo or a black dress. Give it some paint, change the fabric and just really make it something that a stylish person would love to have in any room of the house.

IMG_0426First, I had to send the chair off to the upholsterer to strip all the existing fabric off. The chair came back about a week later and looked completely different. I could tell the reincarnation wasn’t going to be as hard as I thought at the estate sale. Second, the chair needed to be sanded so it would take the paint I hadn’t chosen yet. ¬†After a good scuff sanding, I decided to get rid of some of the unnecessary features of the chair. Most notably, were the two are rest knobs that I simply cutoff.

My designer helped me choose a grayish-silver and fabric that I thought made the chair look timeless. This is still hard to picture though when the the chair is just a frame, but I was certain that this chair would be worthy of being sold at a high-end furniture store.

When the upholsterer got it back to me I couldn’t have been more happy. The chair exceeded all my expectations and was donated to a charity in the area where it went to a great home.

This story might seem like fiction but I assure you the pictures above are real! Give us a call at 630-357-9663, if you can imagine it, we can transform it.

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