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The Story Of The Bed That Wouldn’t Fit…

Normally, our jobs are pretty standard. We predominantly refinish, paint, upholster, cane and repair furniture in all shapes and sizes. Every once and awhile we get a job that is very unique. 

Last week a customer contacted us from Angies List and she had a real dilemma. She’d found a great bed at a fantastic price, so what could possibly be wrong with that? Unfortunately, she didn’t factor getting it into her Chicago high-rise elevator. Movers tried multiple times to cram it in but it just wouldn’t fit.

When we drove out to meet with the customer, the bed was sitting in her law office. The good news was she had a comfortable King Size bed to sleep on between clients. The bad news was the money she’d be out for the new bed.

The customer asked us to think “outside the box”, and come up with a solution for fitting this in the elevator and then reassembling it when we got up to her condo. We tried to get the side rails on the headboard off, but that would have caused too much damage. Removing the side rails would have been the easy solution but things like this are rarely easy. What could we possibly do? We had our upholster come over to our shop and take all the fabric off the back of the bed. As usual, he did an amazing job and we looked inside the frame of the headboard. We decided to cut the middle of headboard support so we could fold the bed like an accordion. The bed folded right up and we wrapped blankets to hold the bed in place.

The next day we drove to Chicago for the moment of truth. The bed fit perfectly in the elevator and into the customers bedroom. We then reassembled the headboard and our upholsterer stitched it back up. The customer was ecstatic because I don’t think she could find anyone who was willing to touch this job. At the end of the day, nothing is more gratifying than helping somebody when they have no other options.

As I’ve stated before, if you can imagine it, we make it happen. Stay tuned for my weekly blog posts. My next post will detail taking two dressers that had fire damage and making them beautiful again.

Until next time, thanks!

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Blazer Elevator
Getting It Down The Elevator
Blazer Bed 1
The Original Bed
Headboard Folded Up
Blazer 2
Headboard In The Home



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