Have You Ever Stripped Furniture??

Stripping is arguably the most crucial step of the refinishing process. It sets the proper foundation for sanding, staining and applying lacquer. Stripping is also the worst part of refinishing. The stripper will have deal with fumes, grime, possible skin irritation and strenuous labor. The vast majority of people/businesses don’t have the facilities or supplies to properly strip a piece. Also, over-the-counter products often don’t work on today’s tough finishes. Have you ever wished somebody would offer this service at a reasonable price and get the job done right? 

Stunning 1840’s George Hepplewhite Table Restoration!!!

Often when we think of art, we conjure up images of famous paintings by Picasso, Michelangelo or Warhol. Most, outside of furniture enthusiasts, have never heard of George Hepplewhite. Hepplewhite is regarded as one of best English furniture makers of the 18th century. None of the furniture he built exists today but his designs are timeless works-of-art.